I provide Sworn Translations of all types of documents: Academic certificates, certificate of criminal records, driving licence, contracts, a lawsuit, title deeds, company memoranda of incorporation or articles of association, student records, an adoption record or adoption dossier or an adoption follow-up report, a medical report, your family book, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, a death certificate, a passport, a patent, a work and residence permit, a power of attorney, a judgement, a financial or stock exchange report, a profit and loss account, your degree, a visa or any other document.

What is a Sworn Translator?

A Sworn translator has been authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out translations. A document provided by a sworn translator is an official document in its own right. The translation will be provided with a stamped declaration which is written in the relevant language. A sworn translation is the highest and most suitable type of translation for legal purposes.

What’s the difference between a Sworn Translation and a Certified Translation?

A Certified Translator is not accredited by either the Irish or Spanish Government, Ministry of Justice, High Court of Justice or any other equivalent institution. Only a Sworn Translator can provide documents that are required for legal purposes, otherwise the accuracy of the translation may be called into question. Make sure you always ask for a Sworn Translation, as a Certified Translation may not be to the standard that is required.

Why do I need a Sworn Translation?

If you require a document for any type of legal or official purposes then you need a sworn translation. Examples would be, Adoption Dossiers, Power of Attorney, Divorce Deeds, Birth Certificates, P60 and Payslips for loan applications.

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